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Hello there lovelies!
Here is my way of thanking you guys for following me and sticking with me! Above is a little collection of a few of my favourite books, ranging from young adult, to new adult, to adult. These books have been there for me in different parts of my life, whether it was a way to get away to a different world or just a way to make me smile.

Here’s what you win!
One of the books listed above - For any of the series books I will offer any of the books in the series if you already have the one I’ve listed :)

Here are the rules!
- Must be following me please :)
- Reblog to enter - you can enter as many times as you want but like guys lets be cool and not spam people or use giveaway accounts okay? okay.
- You have until JULY 31ST at 9:00pm Eastern
- You must have your ask box open ‘cause I gotta be able to contact you if you win!
- The winner will have 48 hours to reply to the message once I have sent it, and if they don’t a new winner will be chosen 
- The winner must live in a country that The Book Depository will ship to (which is pretty much almost everywhere)

I think that’s it… GOOD LUCK GUYS and I hope you like these books as much as I do! :)

You have 2 more days to enter :) Keep reblogging for better chances of winning!

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yes adventure time. explain colonialism and racial imperialism to children and high niggas.

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14 Beautiful Independent Bookshops To Visit In London

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Laverne Cox corrects Gayle King on CBS

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me trying to do a group project

The most accurate post on tumblr…

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Hatteras Lightning by planethunt on Flickr.


Hatteras Lightning by planethunt on Flickr.


Comfort + Jem, Tessa and Will 

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Roxane Gay’s ‘Bad’ Feminism - NYTimes.com (via rachelfershleiser)

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Nothing is fair. Life isn’t fair. You’ll have ″friends″ that talk crap about you behind your back. You’ll care about somebody that isn’t interested in you in the slightest. You’ll get involved in your family problems. You’ll find a boy/girl that you give everything to, and they’ll forget you weeks later. You’ll lose things, you’ll miss things. You’ll see somebody that you were so close to but they’ll blank you because they treat you like a stranger. You’ll worry about school, exams, etc. Some nights, you’ll cry yourself to sleep because life isn’t how you planned it to be. You’ll make up perfect scenarios in your head to make you feel better and then realize they won’t come true. Arguments, yes, you’ll have plenty with them, mainly with the people you really care about. You’ll lose a relative and you’ll grieve, you’ll grieve so much. You’ll experience so much heartbreak because a boy/girl will turn out everything you didn’t expect them to be. You’ll get ignored, you’ll maybe even get rejected. You’ll get nasty comments from people who envy you. One day you’ll meet a boy/girl that will love you for who you are and what you do. Your family loves you, your friends love you. You’ll look through your camera photos and smile/laugh at all the memories and good times you’ve shared. You’ll make your lost/loved ones proud by trying your best in everything you do; they wouldn’t want to see you unhappy. Smile. One day, you won’t be able to sleep because your reality is so much better than your dreams. You’ll party/dance/sing so hard that you have no energy left. You have so much to look forward to, life has its downs, and at times it isn’t fair at all. Life will hurt you, it will test you. But remember you also have so much to smile and be happy about. Why spend your whole life feeling because something didn’t happen, or something went wrong? Always remember God is good and you have a bright future ahead of you, just smile :)

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